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Lynn Effinger is a dynamic , inspiring and stimulating motivational speaker whose presentations, "Conquer Adversity - Winning Ways to Peak Performance," and "Believe to Achieve - The Power of Perseverance," have educated, entertained and enlightened audiences from coast to coast. He is a passionate, humorous, and inspiring personality who will lift your spirits, challenge you and empower you to achieve his Golden Goal of learning to overcome obstacles to be the best that you can be to achieve success as you define it!

Lynn is on a mission to help others maximize their full potential by motivating them to liberate the power from within that resides deep inside us all. He is also determined to follow Zig Ziglar's advice to "finish well," through his presentations, service to the community, and by helping to raise awareness and money for various charitable organizations. Inspiring, indeed!
A significant portion of Lynn's speaking fees have gone or go to various charitable organizations, including the March of Dimes, Make-A-Wish, and the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Following the credo's as expressed by Zig Ziglar that when you help others get what they want, you will most certainly get what you want... and to "finish well," Lynn strives to give back to the community in thanks for all he has been blessed with over the past five-plus decades. For a signed copy of Lynn's book, click below.

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For a signed copy of Lynn's book, click below.